"Local country singer embraces Americana on new album" (more)

     Jason Bracelin - Review Journal

"When I hear the words Dirt, Wheat, and NFR in the same album I figger the songwriter once

worked for a living!"

    Baxter Black - cowboy poet and recovering songwriter (Arizona)

"Fabulous, we need more like him"  

    Marie Crichton, BBC Radio (UK)

“He’s a farmer who is thankful for what little he has.”

“Dirt Rich” is such a clever concept it’s amazing that nobody has written this before.

    Robert K. Oermann - Music Row Magazine (Nashville)

"People are calling in about "Sarah the Butterfly". It's truly one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. It has so many different meanings."

    John Burrows, Radio Port Phillip 3RPP (Australia)

"Sarah the Butterfly makes me cry every time. EVERYTIME! Damn you butterfly."

    Kyl Myers (Utah)

"Hell this is too much I have to give Chris a 10 - really like his work"

    Al Watts, Collingwood Radio, (Australia)

One word "Great"  

    Paddy McArdle, WOW FM Radio, (Australia)

"Brilliant piece of work" 

    Lucien Knapen, Radio Ariane, (Belgium)  

"If Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard wrote songs, this is what they would sound like.

Chris Heers writes in Technicolor."

    Don Resh - Screenwriter (Las Vegas)

"Western Stars garnered Chris a DISCovery Award from Nashville music critic Robert K. Oermann, and

that, my friends, is huge. The album is die-hard country, and Chris went about it in all the right ways."

    Tyge O'Donnell - The Opening Acts Music Blog (Nashville - Las Vegas)

"What a debut! Fantastic"

    Roddy Bayne, Linedance DJ, (UK) 

"Good blue collar country. Heers pitches his music somewhere in between Alan Jackson and the

late Chris LeDoux as he gets to the core of the deal." 

    Maurice Hope, RocknReel Magazine, (UK) 

 "He is one to watch for the future" 

    Colin Thorpe, Erewash Radio, (UK)

 "Great powerful country" 

    Per Rodal, Radio Midt-Norge, (Norway)



    Jean-Claude Michelon, Radio Grogne, (France)  

"Super Lyrics"

    Peter Anderl, ORF Radio, (Austria)

"Very impressive debut – I hope to hear more from Chris in the future"

    Michael Schroeter, Radio Herford, (Germany)

"If this is Chris Heers first album, I really can't wait to see what’s next!! This is pure,

honest country. It’s not often I hear an album once and find myself singing a song from it." 

    Great stuff.” N. Bennett (Nevada)

"Quite like this, well done"

     John Brookfield, Pathfinder Magazine, (UK)

"Chris really does make you sit up and take notice."

    Stuart Cameron, Radio Borders, (UK) 

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