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Native Las Vegan Chris Heers' songs have been featured in Movies, TV, XBox and Wii Country Dance Video Games, and on worldwide radio charting several top 100 songs in the USA and as high as number one in Europe.  Chris is twice nominated for best Indie country album and for best Americana song "Leaning Into Barstow".  Chris was named 2015 Las Vegas performer of the year and can be seen headlining upward of 250 shows per year in Las Vegas and throughout the Southwest.


"Heers has the looks, the voice, and definitely the talent, to be a headline singer. And that is just the performing side of things. What Heers has that probably sets him off from the numerous contemporary country singers is a songwriting talent that is first calibre. Heers doesn’t just write songs about bars, cars, country roads and how bad he wants to party. Nope. He writes ballads, tales, stories in the Americana bent with a healthy capacity for clever lyrics."

- Laughlin Entertainer Magazine

"Heers, a Las Vegas native with midlength blond hair and modest facial scruff, has been a leading light of Las Vegas’ country scene for years now. But with “The Road Ahead Shines,” his second studio album, he embraces big-hearted Americana, with fat-free, studiously arranged songs evocative of the likes of Rodney Crowell, Wilco and Ryan Adams."

-Jason Bracelin - Las Vegas Review Journal

“The Road Ahead Shines is one of my favorite records in the last ten years. Easy. Apparently Chris Heers is what they call a songwriter's songwriter."

-Dave Pilot (Texas Americana Music Critic - Outlaw Magazine contributor)

"Brilliant songwriting a la Guy Clark and Steve Earle."  

-Max W. Achatz - Country Jukebox Magazine


"Fabulous, we need more like him"  

-Marie Crichton - BBC Radio

"I've heard the future of country music, and his name is Chris Heers...and everything is going to be alright."  

-Tyge O'Donnell - Neon Lounge Magazine

Chris’ newest studio album “The Road Ahead Shines” is a collection of new stories and characters which continue the Technicolor road trip that started with his 2010 debut album Western Stars.   The Road Ahead Shines quickly earned a top spot on Airplay Direct's  AAA/Americana Global radio indicator chart becoming the number one most downloaded album worldwide on the day it was released to radio (Airplay Direct Global Radio Indicator March 13, 2015). 

The Road Ahead Shines is an art gallery featuring individual scenes of hope and hopelessness, faith and triumph, perseverance and freedom. From the boy who can't walk but saves 1000 lives by racing a Civil War era pony across Northern Nevada to the Sedona rock climber who triumphs over suicide, to the Hemingwayesque Matador who also does - in his own way.  It is also a literal art gallery.  "I spent as much time painting and photo editing the album art as I did recording it." said Heers.  The album features 16 panels; rare these days for an indie artist. 

Chris was born and raised on the outskirts of Las Vegas.  “Most people think of Vegas as one big casino but my childhood was spent on either a horse or a dirt bike out on the desert or on some jet boat at Lake Mead with my cousins.  I was out in the desert in the sticks or the “boondocks” of Vegas.  Las Vegas is where I discovered rodeos and country music; listening to artists like Don Williams, Kenny Rogers and George Strait on KFM 102.  "More importantly I started seeing that songwriters like Bob McDill, Don Schlitz and Dean Dillon were the writers behind the songs that were tearing my heart out."  

Chris moved to Nashville where he learned to craft his stories by watching the aforementioned masters and others like Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, and Steve Earle.  "That was the early 90's.  The right place and time but I still had a lot of evolution left in my writing," said Heers.  "I used to think that there was no way I could hang in the round at the Bluebird with those guys so I ended up back in Vegas after a few years and commuted when I needed to.  I kept writing, raised two wonderful daughters, did the day job thing while playing bar gigs in Vegas.  In 2007 I was playing the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville during one of my trips and a guy come up to me after I played a song called Dirt Rich.  He told he loved it and that I should make an album.  I found out later that he had the number one song in the nation at the time so I took his advice.  I felt like it was time.  I really felt like I could walk into a round with the legends there and contribute at least


In 2009 Western Stars was recorded in Nashville with bandleader and co-producer Pat McGrath who recruited a band of session royalty to bring his songs to life netting Chris two top 100 singles on the US Country Breakout Chart and several top tens in Europe including a number one** with “Cow or Cowboy”.   His song “Dirt Rich” hit the US country breakout chart at the highest position in 2010 winning the Music Row Power Chart Debut spot and going on to win the prestigious Robert K Oermann DISCovery Award around the same time.  “Dirt Rich” was later featured on the bestselling Wii and Xbox Kinect “Country Dance II” and “Country Dance All-Star” games.  

Just about that same time Chris put together his ace Las Vegas based “Dirt Rich Band” to promote his new album with dates throughout the Southwest.  Fast forward to see them playing for up to 350,000 people at NASCAR and BIKE FEST.  "We have been together for 8 years and in that time we have played biker bars, country clubs, rodeos, award shows, charity events, corporate grand openings, Native American Casinos, and most frequently the Arizona Charlie’s showrooms on opposite ends of the Las Vegas Valley.  "We can be found at larger dance halls such as Gilley's and Toby Keith's but also smaller places like Jack's Place out at Boulder City, one of our favorite venues.  We will do my originals combined with the type of Cosmic Americana that does it for us and our crowds, which is a blend of 70’s hippie nudie suit country rock and Americana.  “We read the crowd and make them a part of our shows”, says Heers.  It is all about them and it is always a party. Chris’ song “Whiskey Courage” which was one of the 8 songs he wrote with Sammy Steele for Sammy’s 2012 breakout album “Songs from the Third Cactus” finds the crowd shouting “Strong Like Bull” at the end of each chorus.  

Chris, who still makes Las Vegas his home, frequently does Nashville style solo acoustic songs and stories shows including A 2014 highlight show at the Hotel Café in Hollywood California where he shared stage and stories with friend Justin Furstenfeld from the band Blue October.  Furstenfeld calls Chris’ harmonica infused live solo show "a cross between Townes Van Zandt, Ray Lamontagne, and Bob Dylan."  

Chris can be seen at frequently in an unplugged acoustic format at the haunted 100 year old Pioneer Saloon out at Goodsprings, NV.  “I’ll look out at the crowd and see bikers, hippies, stock brokers, the Pawn Stars.  The most comon thing people say to me is that they don't like country but they like my tunes.”  

All of that aside I would have to say the weirdest gig I did was late summer 2013 in an undisclosed hanger at a place that doesn’t officially exist out near Groom Lake, NV.  But I can't talk about that.  

2018 will find Heers performing nightly and recording his third studio album.

You can find Chris' songs on iTunescdbaby.comamazon.com, Pandora, XBox and Wii Country Dance 2 and Country Dance All-Stars, ZIA Record outlets, or your favorite AMI-Rowe Jukebox.  


"Western Stars" (Debut Indie Studio Album)

"Dirt Rich" (Single - USA MusicRow CountryBreakout)  

"Dirt Rich" (Single - Europe/Australia)  

"Cow or Cowboy" (Single - Europe/Australia) 

"Beyond" (Single - Europe/Australia)

"Happy Thought"  (Single - USA MusicRow CountryBreakout)

"Nowhere Train" (Single - Europe/Australia)

"Sarah the Butterfly" (Single - Europe/Australia)

"The Road Ahead Shines" (Studio Album release date 1-16-15)

Chris Heers - The Road Ahead Shines - release date 1-16-15

Chris Heers – TBA Album in production – Summer-Fall 2018


*Best Country Album Nominee 9th annual Independent Music Awards

*Winner Robert K. Oermann Music Row Magazine Discovery award

*USA Songwriting Competition “Your Son” best country song finalist

*Dallas Songwriting Competition “The Matador” finalist

*Music Row Power Chart Debut winner for “Dirt Rich”

*#1 song in Europe/Australia for “Cow or Cowboy” (Hotdisc)

*#3 song In Europe/Australia for “Beyond” (Hotdisc)

*#12 song in Europe/Australia for “Dirt Rich” (Hotdisc)

#2 Country Album Internet airplay (Top 50 Internet Roots Report 2010)

*Top 100 Single USA for “Dirt Rich” (CountryBreakout Chart)

#2 position Roots Music Airplay Report (Western Stars Album)

*Top 100 Single USA for “Happy Thought” (Country Breakout)

#12 song in Europe/Australia for Sarah The Butterfly (Hotdisc) 10/2011

Writer/Co-Producer - Sammy Steele - Songs From the Third Cactus 2012 Indie Release

"Dirt Rich" included on Country Dance 2 for Wii (Holidays 2011)

"Dirt Rich" included on Country Dance All-Stars for the XBOX KInect 3/2012

4 Songs from "Western Stars" included in the Motion Picture "Be Strong Be Naked"

Writer/Co-Producer – Hunter Sealy – Debut EP (3/2015 release)

*Best Country album nominee 15th annual Independent Music Awards for “The Road Ahead Shines”

*Best Americana Song Nominee for “Leaning into Barstow” 15th annual Independent Music Awards

Chris Heers named Las Vegas Performer of the Year 2015

Current Band members:  “The Dirt Rich Band”

Terry Greene – Lead Guitar, Harps, Vocals

Angel Santilli Mullis – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Steve West – Keyboards, Vocals

Kent Farrell – Drums, Vocals

Steve Gall – Steel Guitar, Vocals

Chris Heers – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Harps

“The Road Ahead Shines”

Chris Heers


Saddlefarm SF-CD-7778

UPC number 6-41444-15532-3

     • Fannye Katrina 5:16

     • Leaning into Barstow 3:39

     • Trailer 19 3:32

     • Halfway 6:08

     • Drunken Baker 3:15

     • Twentynine Palms 3:20

     • Road Trip 3:35

     • Joe Security 3:39

     •  Pony Express 4:58

     •  Shoreline 3:48

     •  Naturally High 3:41

     •  The Matador 4:45

     •  The Cactus 4:38

Produced by Chris Heers and Pat McGrath. Complete Liner notes below:

Liner Notes from album insert “The Road Ahead Shines” 2015:

Produced by Pat McGrath and Chris Heers

Pat McGrath: Bandleader, Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Baritone Guitar, Banjo, Irish Bouzouki

Rob McNelley: Electric Guitars

John Gardner: Drums and Percussion

Dave Francis: Bass Guitars

Jeff Roach: Keyboards, Organ, Acoustic Accordion, Indian Synth Flute, Windmaster

Steve Hinson: Steel Guitar, Dobro

Andrea Zonn: Fiddle

Tammy Pierce: Background Vocals

John Mock: Tin Whistles on “Shoreline”

Steve Patrick: Trumpets on “The Matador”

Vanessa Andrea: Vocals and Background Vocals on “Shoreline”

Sarah Emily Parish: Background Vocals with Pat McGrath on “The Matador”

Chris Heers: Vocals, Background Vocals, Harps

Recorded at Omnisound Studio, Nashville Vocals and Overdubs at Sweetbriar Studio, Nashville

Vanessa Andrea’s Vocals and Backgrounds Recorded at Odds On Studio, Las Vegas

Engineered by Sarah Emily Parish and Rory Rositas

Mixed in the Mothership by Brandon Bell, Nashville

Mastered by Eric Conn and Don Cobb, Independent Mastering Nashville

Artwork, Layout, Paintings, Design by Chris Heers

Photos: Chris Heers, Sunnie Heers (Pond pic), Wally Hawkins (Chris pic) used by permission

Red Bull, Slim Jim, Jim Beam, Rolex, Volkswagen, and Lay’s Potato Chips are registered trademarks

No animals were harmed in the making of this album (the bull lived)

All Songs written by Chris Heers except “Road Trip” by Chris Heers and Sammy Steele

All songs ©&℗ 2014 Saddlefarm Music and Media LLC (ASCAP)

Thank you to the above humans for sharing your humble genius. Pat McGrath you are brilliant

blinding light from Heaven. Thank you Sara Emily for the love you put into everything. Thank

You Rochen because I forget to thank you. Thank you to the Dirt Rich Band Las Vegas, Nevada;

Terry Greene, Angel Mullis, Jim Lovgren, Steve West for bringing these songs to life on stage.

Thank you to my Las Vegas family of musicians and fans for singing along at our shows. Special

Thanks to Julie Heers and Velma Denson for making the road shine, to Spirit Therapies for

inspiring me to write Pony Express, to Disneyland Security officer Michael Dougherty for the help.

Trailer 19 and Halfway are for Hayley and Sunnie. Keep swinging and never give up!


  ***Liner notes from CD insert “WESTERN STARS” 2009***

All songs written by Chris Heers

Recorded and mixed at OMNIsound Studios, Nashville, TN.  Production leader:  Steve Tveit.  Band Leader:  Pat McGrath.  Engineer:  Stoker White.  Mix Engineer:  John Kunz.  Production Assistance: Alison Hinton.  Mastered by Hank Williams at MasterMix Nashville.  Cover Photography:  Dean Marino.  Art Direction and Design:  Chris Heers and Donovan Resh.  Studio Photography:  Alison Hinton and Chris Heers.   Additional Photograpy:  Jennifer Barger.

Happy Thought is for Rochen, Hayley and Sunnie.


Mike DurhamGuitarChris HeersArt Direction, Composer, Design, Photography, Primary Artist, Vocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)Steve HinsonPedal SteelWayne KilliusDrums, PercussionJohn KunzMixingDean MarinoCover PhotoPat McGrathBand Master, Banjo, Dobro, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Spanish GuitarTammy PierceVocal Harmony, Vocals (Background)Deanie RichardsonFiddleMike RojasAccordion, Organ, Organ (Hammond), Piano, Piano (Grand), SynthesizerSteve TveitProduction LeaderStoker WhiteEngineerHank WilliamsMastering

Thank you:  My amazing family and incredible friends, here and beyond who have made me Dirt Rich – thank you for your love and encouragement.  Thank you Pat McGrath, Mike, Mike, Mike, Dow, Wayne, Hinson, Deanie and Tammy for sharing your magical talents with me.  Thank you Steve Tveit, Stoker,  John Kunz, and everyone at OMNIsound for making this a fun project, putting up with my experiments, and for the fried bologna sandwiches.  Hank and Sandy at Mastermix, Byron and Dino at WestStar – thanks for all the free advice.   Joy Rindals for being my second set of ears.  To the Aspen Hill Rodeo Committee for the late night couches and bonfires, for coming to all of my gigs and for my NFR buckle, even though I only broke the one thumb.  No man is a failure who has friends.  

All content. ©&℗ 2009 - 2018 Saddlefarm Music and Media LLC (ASCAP).  All rights reserved.