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Lary Glen Anderson interviews songwriter Chris Heers

on Pioneer Saloon/K-Ghost Radio (Watch It)

"Local country singer embraces Americana on new album..." (more)

              JASON BRACELIN - Review Journal

“I’m excited to see what the future has in store for Chris and the band. For starters, I hereby deem Chris Heers as someone who Las Vegas needs more of—that being a hometown hero.”

            The Neon Lounge (Las Vegas, NV.

"People are calling in about 'Sarah the Butterfly.'  It's truly one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard."

             John Burrows - Radio Port Phillip 3RPP (Australia)

“If Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard wrote songs, this is what they would sound like. Chris Heers writes in Technicolor. He has garnered a cult following in his hometown Las Vegas, Nevada.  With his new self-penned record, "Western Stars" Heers shares his images and characters for the first time with the rest of the world.”

            Don Resh - Screenwriter.

"When I hear the words Dirt, Wheat, and NFR in the same album I figger the songwriter once worked for a living!"

            Baxter Black - cowboy poet and recovering songwriter (Arizona)

"Fabulous, we need more like him"  

            Marie Crichton - BBC Radio (UK)

“He’s a farmer who is thankful for what little he has.” “Dirt Rich” is such a clever concept it’s amazing that nobody has written this before.”

            Robert K. Oermann - Music Row Magazine (Nashville)

Home   |  About Chris  |  Music  |   Photos  |   Press  |  Dates  |  Contact

Chris heers the entertainer weekly

“We read the crowd and make them a part of our shows”, says Heers. It is all about them and it is always a party.” (more)

Nominated 15th annual IMA Awards  3 Time Nominee

Best Country Album  -  "The Road Ahead Shines"

Best Americana Song - "Leaning Into Barstow"

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